Window Sill Boxes

Is your window sill cluttered and looking as though it needs a makeover. Then give your window sill the makeover it deserves with a personalised eye catching window box that your friends and neighbours will envy.

Our planters come from 300mm Wide x 140mm High x 100mm Deep to 1000mm Wide x 140mm x 100mm Deep.

Fill them with fresh plants, herbs or as a box to clear you window sill.

These window sill planters are ideal if you have a small flat and need to brighten it up a little.

If you need more info or you have and thing that you need to make life a bit more enjoyable then drop me an email click the link below now.

Your name, your friends or your Pets name can be added if it is physically possible just click the link to email me with your details ideal gift or present.

Also in other sizes.


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